Becoming a Sponsor is the greatest partnership opportunity we can offer. As a sponsor you will have access to over 50,000 attendees and dealers a year.

New Mexico Tri Cons include Albuquerque Comic Con, Santa Fe Comic Con, Duke City Comic Con, and other regional events. Those events give your group the ability to reach the largest demographic possible in as a captive audience.

Our fans are employed, intelligent, and loyal to those group that support this industry.

Some Current and Past Sponsors

Sponsorships are customizable to your companies needs and we have the flexibility to include anything you do into our programming and marketing. We have 3 events a year and see over 50,000 ticket buyers  over the 3 events for 3 days each. They are at your disposal.

  • Logos and Presenting language on our print marketing and website
  • Website linking and sharing promotions
  • Special programming designed around your brand
  • Booth space and/or banner space at each event
  • Anything you can thing of, we can discuss

Pricing and Product Placement rates available on request.