Friday from 4-8pm will be open for the masses and tickets will be available for the full day.

Friday 3pm to 5pm is our sensitivity opening. Kids who are autistic often times don’t like large crowds and loud noises so we wanted them and their families to know they are welcome. Kids with autism (kids ages 0-80 for the purpose of this special schedule get in for free. It is the honor system so please don’t abuse our good will.) Each minor kid can be accompanied by a guardian.

Turquise Room
4pm Sensitivity activities by Dava Rene Cosplay
5pm Q&A with Lunaria Creator Brandon Scott Jensen: “True Diversity in Comics”
6pm How to be a Professional Cosplayer: Cara Nicole

Dealers will still be setting up during this time, but there will be plenty to see and do. Special programing will be developed for the community.

All guests are scheduled to appear from 4-8pm


Friday Night: 8pm to 2am Q bar Launch party hosted by Kitty Kaboom


Saturday 10am-6pm

All guests are scheduled to appear from 10am-6pm

Masquerade Contest 6pm  Starting in the Franciscan Room with the Ball carrying over into the Tablao Lounge at 8pm.

Comedy Show in the Tablao Lounge 6pm – 8pm

DJ After Party in the Q Bar 10pm – 2am



All Panels will take place in the FRANCISCAN BALLROOM and the TABLAO Lounge


10am COSPLAY for a living with Kitty Kaboom
11am Wil Traval Arrow, Jessica Jones, and more
12noon Power Rangers with Michael Copon, Audry Dubois, and Austin St. John
1pm Dirk Benedict from the A Team to Battlestar Galactica
2pm Garrick Hagon Biggs Darklighter
3pm Bad Ass Billy Gunn WWE
4pm Victoria WWE and TNA Legend
5pm Tom Kane Voice Actor

Saturday Panel TABLAO LOUNGE

11am Alex Saviuk Comic Book Legend
12noon Franchesco Cover Art and more
1pm Independent Publishing with Andy Kuhn
2pm Writing from book to film Zachry Wheeler
3pm Comic Topia Comic Book Trivia
4pm Kamon Kari Charity Auction
5pm Lexi Pettis Performance

Saturday After Hours:

Costume Masquerade Contest 6-8pm Franciscan Room first rounds!

Saturday night Comedy Show 6-8pm in Tablao
Masquerade Winners bracket 8-9pm in Tablao Followed by:

KARAOKE 9-midnight.  Costume Ball from 9 to Midnight. Games and festivities presented by Just Cos Cosplay and Bek Miller. Special Drinks by 377 Brewery. Free with Comic con ticket or $5 at the door.

Official Duke City Comic Con after Party 10pm-2am Q bar. DJ JONNY MILES free with Comic con ticket or $5 at the door.

Sunday 11am-5pm

All guests are scheduled to appear from 11am – 4pm


All Panels will take place in the FRANCISCAN BALLROOM



11am Ken Hudnall Author
12noon Cosplay Mechanics with Madison Vanderlingen
1pm The Art of Comics with Andy Kuhn
2pm Cosplay  with Jesse James
3pm Basics of Cosplay Makeup Berna Kenshin (see graphic below)
4pm Child Cosplay Contest judged starting at 4pm

3pm Come learn the basics of cosplay makeup with Berna Kenshin Cosplay. A Q&A and demonstration panel going over the basics of eyebrow concealing, Anime eye makeup, and contouring.


Sunday Super Hero Fashion Show 1-3pm in Tablao (during comic con hours) if you are a designer and have clothes or jewelry you want to see featured contact Rodrigo Tactaquin asap to get in. His email


Table Top and Role Playing at the Con:
What: The campaign is D&D 5th Edition set in Forgotten Realms using pre generated characters. Friday and Sunday’s games will be kept as close to 3 hours as possible, Saturday’s will be able to run up to 4 hours. We are accepting 5 players per day. Saturday we will have signups for VIPs at 9:30. Each player will get a free set of dice for playing.
Where: Turquise Room
Friday 4:30-7:30 (signups before the start time)
Saturday 11-3 (VIP signup 9:30)
Sunday noon-3
DM is Ben Thomas.
Times are flexible. Just trying to keep the game Friday within the hours of the con.
Open Gaming in the Turquise Room all weekend as well.

Hello Duke city comic con attendees and welcome to our show! the Masquerade cosplay contest more than a cosplay contest this gives contestants a chance to participate in showing off your beautiful costumes on stage. Whether you want to give a little song and dance or just strut your stuff and let everyone see the beautiful costumes that you have all created. Our host with the Most Sale will be your liaison for the night as he entertains and makes the crowd laugh and just maybe might bring one or two people left to participate during halftime.

The masquerade takes care of both the children’s division and adults.

Children’s cosplay contest starts promptly at 6pm. We happily invite kids from toddlers to age 12 to join. Younger children MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please start to line up 15 mins before show time at the contest location. The location TBA . Prizes awarded are 1st 2nd and 3rd place. Every child that has participated will get a certificate and coupons good for one free dinner at the Villiage Inn.

* You must have made your own costume or as much of the costume as possible, at least 25% or more made by you. This means no store-bought costumes. We are judging your costume on your creativity and talents of how you decided to put your costume together.

* Costumes must not have any liquid or substances that could cause a mess on the stage. If you have props they must follow this same rule no fire or explosive materials are allowed.

* Please make sure your costume isn’t too revealing, this is a family event where we welcome kids and family’s. If you want to make sure your costume can be allowed on stage please feel free to contact head Masquerade supervisor Kitty Kaboom email at

* Weapons and props are allowed during the masquerade not the convention. At 6 pm for the contest you will be allowed to bring your prop that completes your costume so you can compete in the masquerade / contest

* We ask all cosplayers to line up at 8 PM before the masquerade promptly starts at 6:15 PM that way you guys are able to have your weapons checked and come join everyone at the Masquerade location.

* We do have microphones so if you would like to do a small skit song or speech you can. Time on stage allowed for one or two people is under 1 min. Any dialogue you wish to say has to be approved before hand by our judges to make sure language is clean and family friendly and it is not in any way negative or derogatory . To have your skit approved for any speech or singing, please E mail .

* Make sure you are able to move comfortably and freely on stage in your costume, bigger more elaborate costumes that acquire help getting off and on the stage are welcome but we ask you bring a helper to come with you to get you off and on stage.

* To make sure we don’t rush judging and can look in detail at your costumes and talk with you one on one,we advise you to stop by in your costume you wish to compete in at our judges booths during convention hours to have your costume looked at for craftmenship. This is the best way to look at your cosplays to determine award categories such as
Best of show
Best craftsmanship
2nd and
3rd place awards.
You are able to bring us your costume earlier in the day Saturday before the contest starts or even Friday. You don’t have to wear it if you prefer to save the surprise for the show. But please bring it for us to see. If you have props that go with it as well, you can always show us picture and video if you like so we can see your technique and how you made it. How do you the judges tables? Easy! All three judges tables will be set up right next to each other.
Berna Kenshin
Jesse James Finley &
Kitty Kaboom
Are your contest judges and part of the cosplay guests of the convention.