Audri Dubois

Audri was the original Yellow Power Ranger in the Pilot Episode of Power Rangers. Her credit is listed under Episode 1.

5th degree black belt instructor, Motivational Speaker, Owner/Creative director Marchionno Ent.
Short stint in 1992 as the original cast Yellow Ranger
Credits much of her strengths, confidence and on going life quest to learn as much as possible to her 35 plus years of martial arts training. Currently, a 5th degree black belt, she has been featured in the Senate acknowledged book, Rapist Beware, has assisted in the highly acclaimed anti terrorist instruction program A.I.D. America In Defense and was inducted into the American Karate Kung Fu Hall of Fame as Competitor of the decade 1980-1990. Audrey’s other endeavors include being a producer, dedicated to providing her clients with a platform, planning and support in launching and or expanding their creative dreams. Working under the Screen Actors Guild stage name of Audri Dubois, Audrey is most noted for her role as the original yellow Power Ranger in 1992, since then, Audrey has continued to work in front of and behind the camera, expanding her creative ventures into music production andlive sound support. A resident of Los Angeles, Audrey enjoys playing with her dog, reading, family and looking forward to tomorrow, living today.
Audrey Dubois Marchionno is an independent Life coach & Mentor.
Short stint in 1992 as the original Yellow Ranger, Pilot Trini
Awarded Original Mighty Morphin Yellow Power Ranger role 1992

Female Competitor of the Decade 1980-1990 American Karate Kung Fu Federation Hall of Fame

Former International Karate Champion

5th Degree Black Belt